Friday, 17 October 2014

Bazroy Update

An update on our sweet Bazroy, who now has big chunks of red in his hair, stylish. The pics are from my phone so are quite blurry, it's not your eyes, yet... keep smiling :)

In The Pipeline...(Green and Yellers - Stirland Infantry WIPs)


Just some WIP shots of ten Stirlanders I have on the go at the minute, each one has been changed a bit to keep variation going and has a nice ripped up and stained uniform, these will be sold on the Ebay with a special twist soon, enjoy :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mad Jester of Pinkerton

The Mad Jester of Pinkerton, after much bribing finally agreed to stand still on his base long enough to be photographed, you know to prove his existence n'stuff, well, here he is :)

This feather is great, it's always waving around like a hungry sea creature, fluffiness!

Getting him to perch there like that with just GW thin superglue was not easy, not easy!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Stirland Empire 'Dirty' Uniform Test 1, Dawi Bark Base WIP, Bret Knight Base WIP and some small ass writing!

Bret Knight Base WIP, added that wicked little flower, and some heart shaped leaves which are like tiny flowers ^^

This is the tiniest writings I ever did, if you didded a teenier one please share it! The larger writings are quite big, and what happens when I get bored trying to write as small as the bit above it :) It says, 'The Daemon Scripts', quite why this Morrite Acolyte would need to label his banishment scrolls is beyond me, but I was tired when I painted it, and I needed the toilet, and a dog was barking at a car alarm!!
No need for introductions, Foliage Warrior!

Dawi bark base WIP, it's wonky and wobbly and they're not really stuck on straight, should look bonza!

Dorfs are still funny!!

A 'Dirty' Stirland farmer type uniform, just wanted to try a really scrubby grubby look, v similar to what peeps do with Space Marine armor battle damage, but on a farmer, and stuff. Looks good, like he's been brawling before he gets to the battle, top man.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sorceror of Tzeentch, Bazroy (finds the facepaint!), Hochland Long Rifleman, Wounded Orc & Project Snotling

WIP of an old Sorceror of Tzeentch, I've always loved this three footed fella :)

The gnarly droopy looking plant thing is a grapevine, who knew ^^

The Grapevine was kindly donated by a friend who is aware of my strange obsession with collecting strange looking or tiny sized plants, thanks muchly :)

The base itself is a curved piece of tree bark (foraged), there's the good ol catkins, they look great everywhere on anything (the little yellow leaves) some random branches and dead flower heads for shroomz, and the maddest fuzziest little flower head I've ever seen, which is so tinily fuzzily smallistic that it's nigh un-photo-able ^^ (seen to the right of the Sorceror)

Bazroy found the facepaints, bless


Random Stirland insertion!

Haha! Project Snotling, these are the WIP first 8 of a planned 16, all to go on a base together

A reason to use both that giant piece of bark which I found, and one of the wounded orcs, which there are many of :)