Friday, 15 February 2013

Elector Count Update


Quick update on the Elector Count in green, he got a lot greener, a bit stripier, and there's more checks. The original horses head got painted, then got lost, so meet replacement head.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

In The Pipeline...(Sci-Fi Self Portrait, Wood Elf Wardancer Base Update 2 and Stirland Royal Household Guardsman)

  I really like this one, not having known the figure before and receiving it recently as a gift, I've decided it's me in mini, pink brollies ahoy!
An Imperial Stirland Royal Household Guardsman

  Little update on the Wardancers base, still being prodded from time to time, completed the soft blends on the banners, nothing harsh, just flowy colourings ^^

Sunday, 3 February 2013

In The Pipeline...(Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighters, Empire Stirland Road Warden and Deuce Chapter Space Marines)

  One that's at least based, just needs some chipping touching up and maybe some jungle plants. Just love the guy leaping from the tree trunk, he was a total arse to glue (3 attempts so far...)

  Imperial Guard fighting for their lives in some kind of half decorated kitchen hellhole, those poor lads...


Stirland Road Warden, heavily laden with crap, including his rat catching equipment and refreshments for the watch.

  Deuce Chapter Servitor.

Here you can see clearly the Deuce Chapter heraldry on the rear of this Tech-Servitors Tunic. The double square within a square is always present whereas the colour changes from man to man.