Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Stirland Empire 'Dirty' Uniform Test 1, Dawi Bark Base WIP, Bret Knight Base WIP and some small ass writing!

Bret Knight Base WIP, added that wicked little flower, and some heart shaped leaves which are like tiny flowers ^^

This is the tiniest writings I ever did, if you didded a teenier one please share it! The larger writings are quite big, and what happens when I get bored trying to write as small as the bit above it :) It says, 'The Daemon Scripts', quite why this Morrite Acolyte would need to label his banishment scrolls is beyond me, but I was tired when I painted it, and I needed the toilet, and a dog was barking at a car alarm!!
No need for introductions, Foliage Warrior!

Dawi bark base WIP, it's wonky and wobbly and they're not really stuck on straight, should look bonza!

Dorfs are still funny!!

A 'Dirty' Stirland farmer type uniform, just wanted to try a really scrubby grubby look, v similar to what peeps do with Space Marine armor battle damage, but on a farmer, and stuff. Looks good, like he's been brawling before he gets to the battle, top man.

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