Sunday, 26 May 2013

In The Pipeline...(Empire Wizard on Ostentatious Base!)

I keep adding to this base whenever I'm feeling whimsical, it's almost done now I've found an appropriately ostentatious figure to adorn it :)

In The Pipeline...(Acolytes of Morr)



The fella on the right was the concept model for these, was just banging bits together and decided he looked all dark and desperate and mental, and along came my frothy acolyte crew :)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Painting a Golden Demon Winner! (Funny Vid)

Just idly watching crap and found this :)  Cracked me up...'so we're going to remove this marine's right leg, and swap it with the left leg. We'll also remove his left leg, and put it where the right one is' ^^

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

In The Pipeline...Ilnimar (Bazroy) Bust, Empire Bright Wizard, Empire Acolytes of Morr, Daemonettes of Slaanesh


Ooo a colour other than green, I must be ill! Love the look of this one although the blends aren't too soft, quite chalky in fact but the colour tones are very forgiving, thank you red orange and yellow. Some stripes to solidify the capes lower border, and some dodgy flames, I tried numerous other flame forms but just kept munking them up, so I went quite small and wavy line-y, it seems ok, looks great when not in my photo's ^^

The Bazroy (Ilnimar) Bust WIP, I never took adequate time to consider colours, started brown and ended up green, damn you green, damn your eyes. The hair on this thing is beautiful so I've been looking at any kind of period hair colouring to get some ideas, I'm dry man, no inspiration for this, if you have an idea let me know, I was thinking coloured tips, but that may just look weird, we'll see :)

Acolyte of Morr WIP. This guy needed a shield, so I attempted a more realistic yet less solid looking skull form on there, it's not too bad, but barely recognisable, more practice!

Random Stirland Insertion!!

2 Daemonettes of Slaanesh, just done for colour tests really, fun things to mess about with like the leopard and zebra-esque freehand on the browner girls leg :)

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Eyup, this is the Ilnimar bust that Zab kindly sent as a prize from his giveaway at
 now no longer to be known as Ilnimar, but as Bazroy, in honour of both Zab (the Mighty) and Roy (The Cropper) shown below. It's a beautiful wee thing and I can't wait to touch his hair, and I've not painted a bust before so something new to look forward to, thanks again Zab :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Empire Soldier Uniform Test v2


My second attempt at a more colourful standard uniform for our downtrodden troops. Red was the chosen colour and I believe there's more contrast in comparison with my green version. I kept the highlights for the freehand details going up into yellow not a lighter tone, to avoid any pinkness, no pink here, move along. These shots are of course, absolute shyte, so they're not really showing this off, these really do catch the eye due to the hectic amount of detail tantalising the ocular orbs, wicked :)

POC Empire Stirlander Foot Knight 2

The second POC model for the Empire Stirlander Foot Knights. Again using parts from the Empire Demigryphs box, the Celestial Hurricanum box and the Empire Archers box.



Some WIP shots of him on his base :)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Waking up to winning / Happiness is a montage! Zab's Mighty Giveaway Results!

Oioi! I will do typing a bit today, not as good as pictures unless it's telling us something really important like :) Today I woke up and thought I'd check out to see the entries for Thumbsuporbust! Zab has been an almighty Geezer and made a montage of the pictures I sent him for the fun times, that could sound wrong taken out of context, on his blog page. This is the first time I've seen pictures taken by myself in a montage and it fair brought a tear to my eye, the other eye was on strike as I kept plucking out it's eyebrow hairs. I managed to do well in the fun times and got a wicked prize, I'll not say too much as you should be over at reading about it! Fun times which brought many smiles, a massive thankyou to Zab for this :) Keep smiling all

Sentence of the Day 13/5/13

'I love this figure, his head hasn't come off once!'

                                                                     ~Broke n English in conversation with Victoria, regarding the POC Empire Stirlander Foot Knight~

Thursday, 9 May 2013

POC Empire Stirlander Foot Knight and a Statue


Just a Proof of Concept model for an Empire Stirlander Foot Knight, utilising bits from the Hurricanum kit, the Greatswords kit and the Demigryph kit :) Some WIP shots of a Reaper Statue, enjoy

Monday, 6 May 2013

ME32 Beastie-Man WIP on his shiny base

                                       The Beastman Standard Bearer on his new base WIP


Two of my WIP's from my ME32 ongoing projects. A giant closer upper shot of the Giant, I think I'll call him Jimi the Giant, legendary Stirland forester, hacks trees with total ease :) Check things out at Keep smiling :)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Zab's Mighty Giveaway! Go and check it out at

Zab over at is doing a cool thing, involving you telling him where you unload your paint as you paint your wee ones, such as your thumb, or some tissue, or your Grandma, and him giving a lucky few a Miniature Bust as a prize if you please him :) Closing date is approaching so get on over and tell Zab things! Keep smiling people


                                                 Random Vengeance Insertion.........grr!