Monday, 13 May 2013

Waking up to winning / Happiness is a montage! Zab's Mighty Giveaway Results!

Oioi! I will do typing a bit today, not as good as pictures unless it's telling us something really important like :) Today I woke up and thought I'd check out to see the entries for Thumbsuporbust! Zab has been an almighty Geezer and made a montage of the pictures I sent him for the fun times, that could sound wrong taken out of context, on his blog page. This is the first time I've seen pictures taken by myself in a montage and it fair brought a tear to my eye, the other eye was on strike as I kept plucking out it's eyebrow hairs. I managed to do well in the fun times and got a wicked prize, I'll not say too much as you should be over at reading about it! Fun times which brought many smiles, a massive thankyou to Zab for this :) Keep smiling all

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