Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Empire Soldier Uniform Test v2


My second attempt at a more colourful standard uniform for our downtrodden troops. Red was the chosen colour and I believe there's more contrast in comparison with my green version. I kept the highlights for the freehand details going up into yellow not a lighter tone, to avoid any pinkness, no pink here, move along. These shots are of course, absolute shyte, so they're not really showing this off, these really do catch the eye due to the hectic amount of detail tantalising the ocular orbs, wicked :)


  1. Looks great! Red is hard to photograph. It always looks too bright and the subtlety is almost always lost in the pics.

  2. Ah aye I gets that sometimes, although I've found the saturation button,which makes any colour look like it actually is! Not all weird like in my kitchen light ^^